Welcome to Mrs. Sandsmark aka Coach Bailee’s website.  Here you will find articles about awesome lessons, experiences learned, and advice for Physical Education teachers.

I discovered a few things going through the credential program and ultimately becoming a teacher.  I have found that there is not a whole lot of resources for Physical Education teachers and that classroom teachers just don’t understand the struggle that is being a Physical Education teacher.  My hope is that this website can provide some help and hope to Physical Education teachers at all experience levels.

I truly believe that being a PE teacher is the best job in the world.  Despite the struggle with enormous class sizes, a lack of facilities, and the constant need to prove our worth, PE is the unsung hero behind our students’ success in the classroom and beyond and our work needs to be celebrated and supported.  There are some amazing PE teachers and programs doing amazing things.  I hope that you can find your place in the wonderful world of Physical Education through my writing and sharing.

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